A diary date for you!

      A diary date for you!

      Dear Fellow Rotarians,

      A diary date for you! 

      4th July, 2020

      You may know by now that the format of our 2020 District Conference - Summer Festival, differs from previous years, and to this end we’d like to invite you to consider joining us as a presenter. The theme of our conference summer festival is 'Caring for our World', which gives us scope to look at the many projects and initiatives within Rotary which impact positively on the world's population, from the virtual eradication of polio at Rotary International level, to building schools and digging wells, to encouraging young people in the arts and education... 'Caring for our World' is what Rotary is all about.

      More opportunities for clubs to showcase their initiatives 

      In order to showcase many of the activities of Rotary clubs in the District, to create a programme where people can choose which sessions they wish to attend, and to facilitate engagement between participants, we aim to have a breakout session programme with presenters - not only speakers delivering their talk, but interactive activities, too. Our aim is to create a memorable experience. We have also responded to requests for a programme which is likely to engage family members and we proactively invite children this year - there will be lots for them to enjoy (see the dinosaur's dissection, for a start!).

      So there must be Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians who would like the opportunity to share their news with us - it could be a Rotary-related project in which you are/have been involved; or how Rotary has impacted on or shaped your life as a new or as a long-standing Rotarian; it could be how your club has approached meetings, or recruitment; it could be about a regular or a one-off fundraising or awareness-raising initiative; it could be your first Rotary trip abroad; also it could be a hobby, event or project within your personal life that you feel would be of interest to others. It could be serious, humorous; about a success or reflection on a failure - the world is your oyster. It may even be that you would like to run an element of our family activities programme. Talk to us about it!

      Be a part of our breakout sessions 

      We would like to offer several breakout session options (currently programmed to last 20 minutes) for attendees, so are seeking a range of topics. (We already have Caring for Yourself - Wellbeing; family yoga; blood and guts in the T Rex Autopsy; and Sip & Chat - coffee-tasting, and a few other potential sessions.) Some of you are seasoned presenters, for others it may be the first time. Please don't worry if you are nervous - talk to us directly about it and we will do our best to support you, and we'll allocate a 'speaker's friend' to guide you. We really do want this to be a big focus on the amazing people and clubs we have in our District 1200 and we'd love to have people queuing up to present! (And if by any chance this does happen and we have more proposals than sessions available, we'll have to reserve the right to turn down some - but let's cross that bridge when we come to it.)

      Let’s get together! 

      Over the coming weeks, we’d love to come to your club and talk to you about the 2020 District Conference – Summer Festival, so it would be great if you could give us some options on dates, please. Please join in - consider presenting to others. And of course, whether you are someone who always loves to come along for fellowship, friendship and

      information, or whether you've never considered attending District Conference before, please put 4th July, 2020 in your diaries.

      Website and email 

      In the meantime, please do take a look at www.district1200.co.uk

      And you don’t have to wait for us to visit before offering a speaker – don’t hesitate to email us at district1200conference@gmail.com

      With very best wishes

      Rory O’Donnell DGE