Conference Programme

      Running order for the conference. Please be aware that whilst we will try to adhere to these, timings may change on the day. 
      The conference begins at 10am but please sign in using the link you will have been sent the day before. Please do not share these links as you may not be admitted if not on the delegate list. Several other presentations will be available on this website.

      Morning Presenters

      • Practically Balanced Wellbeing Warm-up

        Led by Bev Alderson, this pre-conference presentation takes you through ways that will make your experience of the conference more comfotable as we all live with online restrictions!

      • 10:00 Welcome

        Richard Goring and Rory O'Donnell open the conference

      • 10: 20 Sophie Banham - Caring for our World - A World Transitioning to Green Energy.

        It would be hard to miss the growing awareness amongst us all of the importance of caring for the environment, from micro level (all of us trying to 'do our bit'), to international macro level with renowned campaigners and political initiatives.

        Sophie Banham joins us as a keynote speaker, and reveals how technology can harness green energy for a growing population.  

      • 10:42 Simeon Moore - Caring for our World - Caring about the aspirations of young people

        Simeon Moore is a writer, musician and advocate for young people. He was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang and now works to tackle what he sees as the glamorisation of gang culture, which gives young people aspirations to live negatively.

        He brings vision, creativity and influence to positively impact on their lives. Simeon and co-founder Dylan Duffus created DatsTV, a new YouTube channel aiming to challenge, and provide an alternative to those channels and music videos that glamorise gun and knife-culture and to encourage young people to walk away from gang violence.

      • Short break

      • 11:50 Paul Hughes - Caring for Others - developing skills, knowledge and confidence

        Part of the Halcon area in Taunton is regarded as the 5th most deprived area in the UK, and there is a need to prepare residents for work and break the cycle of benefit dependency - these social issues exist throughout the UK

      • 12:10 Colin Barrell - Caring for our World - Caring for Yourself: Take a break, sip your coffee, and learn about the humble coffee bean

        Colin takes you on the journey of the humble coffee bean from tree to the cup of coffee you enjoy so much, with a behind-the-scenes look at how it reaches our cups. Sadly he can't now offer you a tasting session!It will give you time to reflect - something to which we often forget to allocate time for our own well-being. Reflect on the day's confe rence programme, the light-hearted festival theme - and along the way you will learn about the beverages so popular across the world. 

      • 12: 20 Shelterbox - Caring for our World - Saving lives and providing homes and hope after a disaster

        ShelterBox began in 2000 as one Rotary Club’s millennium project. With the support of Rotary members and clubs around the world, ShelterBox grew to become an internationally recognised, independent disaster relief organisation. Since 2012, ShelterBox and Rotary have been official Project Partners in disaster relief. By working together, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter after disaster.

      • 12:40 Friendship Zone Breakout Rooms Open

        Choose which charities you would like to speak to and pop into their rooms to find out more...

      • Lunch Break Begins

        Choose which charities you would like to speak in and pop into their rooms to find out more...

      Lunchtime Video Presentations

      During lunchtime for those who wish to remain, we will be playing some fantastic presentations:

      • 12:40 Young People's Trust for the Environment

      • 12:51 Nicki Scott - We will Rock you In Rotary

      • 13:00 Wendy O'Carroll about her son, Oliver Hellowell

      • 13:31 Damers First School - Caring for our World - the perils of plastic

      • 13:40 Inner Wheel - Maureen Nethaway

      Lunchtime Friendship Zone Breakout Rooms

       Representatives from the following charities will be waiting to chat to you in our Friendship Zone Breakout Rooms, and to answer your questions: 


      Afternoon Presenters

      • 14:00 Afternoon Sessions Begin

      • 14:02 JJ Hathaway - Future Visions

        JJ Hathaway, a young composer and musician from Taunton, has created this amazing composition as part of 'JJ Hathaway's Making Music for Film' project. Moved by current issues in our world, this talented young man has kindly given us permission to share this for your entertainment in the conference.

      • 14:06 Paul Wooding - Autopsy of a T-Rex

        According to the WWF, between 200 and 2,000 extinctions occur every year, due to climatic heating or cooling, changes in sea levels, or direct human activity such as poaching for big game or tusks, or land development disrupting ecosystems.
        This shocking statistic tells us that more needs to be done to care for our world, and it's important to look at the causation of the extinction of all animals who, sadly, will never roam our earth again. (Though we may feel grateful that we're not face-to-face with flesh-eating dinosaurs!) So - welcome to our unique breakout session with Paul Wooding - T.Rex Autopsy.

      • 14:38 Paws for Thought - Making Fundraising Events Work

        Sharing the benefits and potential pitfalls of Weston Rotary's fundraising event for an animal charity.

      • 14:55 Introducing Michael Fernando

        Michael served as Club President in 2017, was co-opted as an Assistant Governor in 2018 and went onto be voted in as District Governor for 2021. The projects he has been most proud of within Rotary include the District Project to rebuild a school in Nepal (destroyed by an earthquake) and a project to ‘Train Trainers’ in resuscitating babies at birth in Pakistan.

        Michael will share with us his plans for his forthcoming district conference.

      • 15:07 Michael 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards 

        Michael 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards - a man who dared to be different. Our conference dares to be somewhat different this year, and we couldn't think of anyone better who epitomises the qualities of having a clear vision, determination, commitment and showing others what can be achieved in the face of adversity - all of these chiming with the very essence of Rotary. The classic British underdog who jumped in - quite literally - and wowed the crowds at the 1988 Winter Olympics as Britain's first and only ski jumper, Eddie subsequently became world number nine at amateur speed skiing, recorded some Finnish pop songs, became a radio and TV presenter, took a degree in law, won celebrity diving show 'Splash', and has continued with his plastering trade!

      • 16:15 Bev Alderson Practically Balanced - A Conference Wind Down

        Wind down and relax at the end of the day, with some gentle stretching and relaxation.