Our Breakouts

      Bev Alderson

      Caring for our World starts with Caring for Ourselves. 

      Why not join Bev Alderson in a breakout session, and learn how to enhance your health and well-being - in the workplace or as a family at home - and maintain yourself under the pressure life can throw at us?

      Bev previously spent over 18 years performing management roles within the finance and IT industries in both the UK and Australia. During this time she got to learn first-hand the impacts of a high-pressure environment and lifestyle and how, if left unchecked, it can negatively impact personal effectiveness and health.

      Drawing upon her experience and education in management, mindfulness, stress management, and yoga, Bev is in demand as a speaker and trainer and travels all over the world, helping others to enhance their well-being.
      And as we are encouraging many of our breakout sessions to be interactive, you never know - you may end up trying out a yoga position or two...!
      Mindfulness - Yoga - Stress ManagementIndividual - Group - WorkplacePractically BalancedT: 07823 583 499E: moc.decnalabyllacitcarp%40nosredlavebW: www.practicallybalanced.comF: https://www.facebook.com/bev.alderson.7T: https://twitter.com/@bevalderson/

      Paul Wooding

      Caring for our World - Caring about Animal Extinction

      According to the WWF, between 200 and 2,000 extinctions occur every year, due to climatic heating or cooling, changes in sea levels, or direct human activity such as poaching for big game or tusks, or land development disrupting ecosystems.

      This shocking statistic tells us that more needs to be done to care for our world, and it's important to look at the causation of the extinction of all animals who, sadly, will never roam our earth again. (Though we may feel grateful that we're not face-to-face with flesh-eating dinosaurs!) So - welcome to our unique breakout session with Paul Wooding - T.Rex Autopsy.
      Taunton Deane resident and Bristol-based in his work, Paul Wooding is an award winning producer/ director, and Creative Director at Spark TV, and known for numerous productions including D-Day to Victory (Channel 4 2011), Smash Lab (Discovery 2007) and Backstage (BBC 1999). Having studied and achieved a Distinction in photography at Mid-Cheshire College of Art and Design, Paul's career has encompassed creating shows for major broadcasters worldwide, including many years with the BBC documentaries department including running The Holiday Programme. In-between, his love of cars has seen him be a rally driver - and three times LCAMC Champion. He was Executive Producer of T.Rex Autopsy, a specialist factual documentary for National Geographic, and winning huge acclaim when it was broadcast around the world. T.Rex Autopsy was a ground-breaking film of the dissection of the first-ever life-sized model of a T.Rex by a team of scientists including palaeontologists investigating the serious issue of how it may have lived and died: there was blood, guts and gore galore!
      Book to join Paul in one of our breakout sessions - we guarantee excitement for adults and young people alike. Do you have the stomach for it?!

      Colin Barrell

      Caring for our World - Caring for Yourself: Sip & Chat 

      Sitting in Betty’s in Harrogate with his wife, Colin Barrell passed comment that ‘This would work well in Taunton’. Beware the throw-away line! 

      3 years later after selling his McDonald’s franchise, Mr. Miles opened the doors for business on the 24th of February 2010. Having decided what would work in Taunton, Colin approached the highly regarded local tea blenders and coffee roasters DJ Miles & Co Ltd of Porlock, with the idea of opening Tea Rooms with them. Colin, born and bred in Minehead in Somerset and now a Taunton resident, had spent 27 years in catering and customer service before specialising in the creation of a beautiful focal point in Taunton's cafe culture - elegant surroundings in the town centre, with in-house catering using local produce.
      'Care for yourself' and take some time out to indulge in Colin's 'Sip & Chat' breakout session, where you might learn about the skills of a barista, or the different coffees, or enjoy a tasting session. It will give you time to reflect - something to which we often forget to allocate time for our own well-being. Reflect on the day's conference programme, the light-hearted festival theme, network and enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded people - and along the way you will learn about the beverages so popular across the world. New Rotarians - why not meet up here with others and get to know each other?

      Halcon Project: Caring for Others - developing skills, knowledge and confidence

      Part of the Halcon area in Taunton is regarded as the 5th most deprived area in the UK, and there is a need to prepare residents for work and break the cycle of benefit dependency - these social issues exist throughout the UK.

      Rotary has been instrumental in assisting the Taunton East Development Trust in Halcon over the last three years through provision of the board of trustees, alongside volunteers, and using Rotarians' skill mix including strategy, risk management, finance, legal and project management to address specific needs of residents, be they legal, financial or around disability. In addition there has been provision of daily volunteers to manage enquiries at the Link Centre, and signpost people appropriately. Sustainability of the project is vital: Rotary's three year financial commitment and negotiations with key financial stakeholders help to underpin the charity’s future. 
      In the Halcon breakout session, you will hear from someone who has benefited directly from the project, and hopefully you may be able to consider how Rotary clubs might replicate the scheme in other areas. 
      Be sure to ask the session presenter about Halcon residents' participation in the 2019 Moonraker Challenge!

      Colin Barrell

      Caring for our World - Hula hooping for health

      At lunchtime, Lula May brings you her hooptastic show. A captivating hula hooping show performing all the tricks, the glitz and the glam with her high energy, up-beat hula hooping show.

      If you ever wanted to try hula hooping, or if you haven't had a go for many years, you can have a go after the show. You will be hula hooping in no time at all. It's good for you. And it's fun!

      Caring for our World - the perils of plastic

      Edd Moore accompanied by Damers First School children

      Edd has created a multi-award winning series of eco initiatives in partnership with pupils, staff, parents and friends of Damers First School, Poundbury, Dorchester. Edd is a teacher and Eco Coordinator at the school and a member of Dorchester Poundbury Rotary Club.
      In December 2019, Damers First School won a national award for its environmental work and was crowned Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Schools’ Champion. The judges applauded the school for embedding sustainability work across the school curriculum as well as the children going to Westminster to meet Michael Gove to discuss the importance of an ‘all in’ system for the Deposit Recycle Scheme with support from the Campaign to Protect Rural England and Litter Free Dorset with the children appearing on CBBC Newsround. Numerous other prestigious awards have been won by the children, including overall winner of the prestigious Environmental Youth Award for 2019 at the Royal Bath and West of England Show for showing a whole school approach to environmental education. The judges said they were inspired by the innovation and infectious enthusiasm for the environment that ran right through the school.Edd initiated the school’s Refill Poundbury scheme to reduce single-use plastic in Dorchester and across Dorset. Members of the public can go into businesses with a refill sticker and refill their reusable bottle with free water. Damers Eco Ambassadors have written letters to over 300 businesses, 30 schools, nurseries, colleges, Dorset Council and 30 community groups asking for their support by giving up single use plastic and finding alternatives. 
      Edd has coordinated a number of ongoing recycling initiatives involving materials not collected by the Dorset Waste Partnership including biscuit and cake wrappers, plastic pet food pouches and packaging, plastic sweet and chocolate bar wrappers, pens, toothbrushes and printer refills. 
      In 2019 he was awarded Wessex FM’s Teacher of the Year award after being nominated by children and parents for the environmental work he has achieved at school and in the local community.

      Colin Barrell

      Caring for our World - Community Samba!

       Skintight Samba will be entertaining festival conference attendees on arrival..don't be afraid to join in and have a go!

      They are a community samba band based in Wellington, Somerset. It sprouted from an Adult Ed. evening class at least 15 years ago; nobody wanted to miss weekly sessions during the usual education breaks so the band declared independence and has rolled ever since.

      Gatehouse Trailer Bar

      Caring for our World - Around the world geography lesson with a difference!

      Learn how different cocktails are made around the world, and enjoy some sneaky tasters!

      Compliments of Gatehouse Trailer Bar, offering a bespoke service with horsebox and timber pop-up bars to hire for every special occasion throughout the southwest. (Adults only for the tasting, obviously!)