Colin Barrell

      Caring for our World - Caring for Yourself: Sip & Chat 

      Sitting in Betty’s in Harrogate with his wife, Colin Barrell passed comment that ‘This would work well in Taunton’. Beware the throw-away line! 

      3 years later after selling his McDonald’s franchise, Mr. Miles opened the doors for business on the 24th of February 2010. Having decided what would work in Taunton, Colin approached the highly regarded local tea blenders and coffee roasters DJ Miles & Co Ltd of Porlock, with the idea of opening Tea Rooms with them. Colin, born and bred in Minehead in Somerset and now a Taunton resident, had spent 27 years in catering and customer service before specialising in the creation of a beautiful focal point in Taunton's cafe culture - elegant surroundings in the town centre, with in-house catering using local produce.
      'Care for yourself' and take some time out to indulge in Colin's 'Sip & Chat' breakout session, where you might learn about the skills of a barista, or the different coffees, sadly we can't now offer you a tasting session! . It will give you time to reflect - something to which we often forget to allocate time for our own well-being. Reflect on the day's conference programme, the light-hearted festival theme - and along the way you will learn about the beverages so popular across the world.

      Bev Alderson

      Caring for our World starts with Caring for Ourselves. 

      Why not join Bev Alderson in a breakout session, and learn how to enhance your health and well-being - in the workplace or as a family at home - and maintain yourself under the pressure life can throw at us?

      Bev previously spent over 18 years performing management roles within the finance and IT industries in both the UK and Australia. During this time she got to learn first-hand the impacts of a high-pressure environment and lifestyle and how, if left unchecked, it can negatively impact personal effectiveness and health.

      Drawing upon her experience and education in management, mindfulness, stress management, and yoga, Bev is in demand as a speaker and trainer and travels all over the world, helping others to enhance their well-being.
      And as we are encouraging many of our breakout sessions to be interactive, you never know - you may end up trying out a yoga position or two...!
      Mindfulness - Yoga - Stress ManagementIndividual - Group - WorkplacePractically BalancedT: 07823 583 499E: moc.decnalabyllacitcarp%40nosredlavebW: www.practicallybalanced.comF:

      Gatehouse Trailer Bar

      Caring for our World - Around the world geography lesson with a difference! 

      Learn how different cocktails are made around the world!

      Compliments of Gatehouse Trailer Bar, offering a bespoke service with horsebox and timber pop-up bars to hire for every special occasion throughout the southwest (So sorry they can't offer you a tasting, now).

      Becky Wright

      Caring for our World- How to Re-boot yourself after the Pandemic

      A session exploring the importance of recognising and addressing mental health issues in today's society.

      Becky Wright is a multiple award-winning mental health trainer, psychotherapist and coach facilitating high-quality, intuitive wellbeing sessions for heart-centred businesses and individuals looking to make meaningful change. Since establishing New Leaf Life Design in 1992, Becky has delivered countless unique counselling, coaching and training sessions which have encouraged clients to lead lives that they love and achieve long-lasting fulfilment. New Leaf is a ‘next stage’ organisation which means it follows forward-thinking principles to reconfigure the traditional, fixed structure of the workplace and transform the way we view self-management. By similarly empowering clients to step into their intuition and embrace their creative imagination, Becky’s inclusive approach equips participants with the tools they need to navigate challenges and develop emotional resilience. She draws upon her long-standing industry experience, partnerships with initiatives like Mindful Employer, and her qualifications, such as her role as an MHFA Mental Health First Aid Instructor, to instigate powerful conversations that allow others to acknowledge their growth and turn over their very own new leaf.