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      Caring for our World

      District 1200 Rotary Conference 2020


      Little did we know our Caring for our World theme would be quite so close to home when we chose it! It is even more relevant today, and as we forged ahead with a virtual conference instead of face-to-face, there were actually some benefits to you. It's easier to get to - no travel. You can easily invite friends and family, non-Rotarians, to take part. AND now - you can view the conference as it was recorded on the day...

      It's a conference - but not as you know it!

      Why make changes?

      We have canvassed the Rotary Clubs in the District and acted on your feedback...
      This year's focus was on inviting and involving Rotarians' families and friends and proactively welcoming non-Rotarians to this year's event.
      This year it is about active recruitment and it's now even easier to invite your friends and family to visit the conference.!

      Inspired by Challenges

      As Rotarians we have always been attracted to the challenges. The theme of this year's conference couldn't pose a bigger challenge to the world today. Our charitable work is very much part of who we are...
      Let's share that with others..

      Festing it up!

      We had planned a festival theme - and we kept that style! So you have festival-themed stages and zones you can visit. Dip in and out of them at your leisure. Listen to our wide range of speakers, learn something along the way, enjoy showcasing the great work of Rotary, and even have fun in this virtual world.

      And best reason of all - it's now 100% FREE to view!

      View the conference here:

      Conference Zones

      A lot happened during the day - here are the Zones that you may like to visit...

      • Main Stage

        Listen to our main speakers, who will move, entertain, inform and inspire you. Some especially suitable for young people, so ask them along.  

      • Rotary Projects Zone

        Showcase for the great work Rotary carries out in communities across the world. Up-to-date news about projects in which Rotary is/has been involved. 

      • Wellness Zone

        If you don't take care of yourself, you can't care for others. You might pick up a few tips here, and have some fun in the meantime. 

      • Sponsors' Zone

        Please do check out the information on our sponsors, who have stuck with us through thick and thin.

      • final

        Entertainment Zone

        Sit back and be entertained - a choice of genres and a lot of talent on show, especially from young people in our district. Do support them by watching the performances they have recorded.

      • Friendship Zone

        Usually we would have a House of Friendship, so instead, we have this zone. Please pop in and see the great work of organisations who have been supported by Rotary, or others who are showcasing their cause and would be very happy to be supported by Rotary in the future...! 

      • Path-7Created with Sketch.

        Join Rotary Zone

        If you are potential Rotarians or Rotaractors, please do pop in here and sign up to learn more about the work of Rotary, how you could contribute, and how you could benefit. Rotarians - please signpost this area to your friends and family ie potential Rotarians.

      • Youth Zone

        Don't miss the Youth Zone, where we showcase projects carried out by young people, and if you're a young person looking at this, why not join in with some of the Rotary family schemes? Not only will you be making a difference in the world, but you'll make new friends, and you'll find there are incredible opportunities for you to participate in life-enhancing sponsored schemes.

      Key Presenters

      Inspirational speakers addressing diverse subjects


      Sophie Banham


      Wendy O'Carroll


      Simeon Moore


      Eddie the Eagle


      MHA Monahans
      Monahans Wealth Management

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