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You may never have heard about Rotary previously, or you may have toyed with the idea of joining. Or, you may be someone who has been volunteering in the community during the pandemic, and wanting to continue to help others both now, and once we settle down to some sort of normality.
There are still the traditional Rotary clubs which (under normal circumstances!) meet perhaps weekly for dinner and to listen to a speaker - and indeed, most are continuing their meetings virtually at the moment. And with a great range of international speakers to boot, all enabled by this virtual world's easy access to others across the globe.
However, there are many different routes into the Rotary family, from the Global Hub, to passport clubs, to e-clubs, and project-based clubs. There are also Rotary groups for younger people - in fact there is currently a Rotaract Sustainability club, and a Human Trafficking club, demonstrating that young people with a shared interest and a wish to involve themselves in related project work can come together - globally - and make a difference.
Add to this the opportunity to join a service organisation with a 116-year reputation, develop leadership skills, build global relationships, lifelong friendships, network, and quite literally get a passport to the world through Rotary - 36,000 cities, 200 countries - and there will be a route to suit you.
Join us. Or even set up your own new Rotary club, perhaps based around a passion you have and share with others - experienced Rotarians can guide you in this.

Nicki Scott, (Nicki Scott - Rotary International Director) talks about the benefits of joining the Rotary family.

Form a Rotary Club

For more details contact Penny Underwood 

Watch this short video which shows how a new Rotary Club in Frome was started - simple, effective, no rules... but what an impact! Perhaps you, too, could start one with your colleagues, friends and family? 

Rotary Global Hub

Embracing our virtual world is the new way of joining Rotary without attending a club which meets in-person, or indeed by picking and choosing which clubs and events - worldwide - in which you want to participate. Why not consider joining the Rotary Global Hub which meets online within Microsoft Teams? 

Contact UsIf you would like to know more or observe us in action please contact:gro.buhlabolgyrator%40yraterceS

Myths about joining Rotary

What is Rotary?

Rotary is just a bunch of old men sitting around in red trousers eating dinner...? Well, let's try and put that one straight, should we?!

Rotary Youth

Youth Competitions

Youth competitions - encouraging the young of today in their skills for tomorrow

Rotary affords many opportunities for young people to enter competitions which will give them a chance for their skills to be tested and judged. Local Rotary clubs can provide interested participants with more information on:Young Chef, Young Musician, Young Writer, Young Environmentalist, Young Artist, Young Film-maker, Youth Speaks (public speaking skills), Young Photographer, Technology Tournament, and Young Citizen Awards.
Have a go - there's something for almost everyone!For more information contact Martin Carter 

Youth Exchange

The trip of a lifetime - supported by Rotary.
Rotary Youth Exchange gives thousands of young people aged between 15 and 25 the opportunity to explore new horizons and experience the adventure of a lifetime.
Trips last between 2 weeks to a whole year, supported by Rotary. Participants come home with incredible stories of positive experiences which have given them greater self-confidence, an understanding of other cultures, and often a new language, as well as friends for life.
Visit for more information. We know we can't run with these at the moment due to the pandemic, but if you know of anyone who might be interested and who could benefit from this amazing life-changing opportunity in the future, why not flag it up to them? It doesn't hurt to look ahead to when applications for this scheme may resume - and let's face it, our young people deserve an adventure of a lifetime even more nowadays!

Rotary Rotakids

There are many different ways of joining the Rotary family according to your age group. There is no wrong age - whether you are at school or retired, there are opportunities. In this Join Rotary Zone, there are links to the various opportunities available. 
For young people aged 7-12, Rotakids clubs can be based in schools, youth groups or any type of community centre/group, supporting the citizenship element of the national curriculum. Becoming involved in important activities in the community and helping others can do wonders for building confidence and self-esteem at a key age. Anyone interested in setting up a Rotakids club can contact their local Rotary club who will be delighted to help and pop into the Youth Zone to see some examples of the work of young people who care for our world.

  • "When you start to make friends, you start to make promises and when you start to make promises, you start to make a difference."


Rotaract clubs bring together those age 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and to have fun through service. In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side-by-side to take action through service. Interested young people have the chance to join a Rotaract club, Rotary itself, or indeed both together!


Interact is for ages 12-18 - offering opportunities to broaden horizons, make new friends and help the lives of others. Interact clubs are based in schools and colleges and members themselves decide how they would like to help communities at home and abroad - with 2 service projects each year. (It's also a great way to enhance a CV!)

Join Rotary E-Club

Passport Clubs - move freely from club to club, attending the meetings or participating in the activities of other clubs - where else could you have a passport to the world?! With 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries world-wide, you're in good company.
Passport Clubs - the latest way of being part of the Rotary family. Contact Penny Underwood for more details.