A Showcase of Rotary Projects

      Rotary Makes a Difference! Here are a few examples of projects in which our district is/has been involved both locally and internationally. 

      World Polio Day

      Overcoming Polio

      TV star Ade Adepitan sums up, in a few seconds, the important role Rotary has played in overcoming polio - a disease which he contracted in childhood.

      Rotary Food Box Project - helping Beirut

      When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, be it here in the UK such as in times of flooding, or in Lebanon after a horrendous explosion, Rotary will usually be found assisting in some way.
      For example, after the incident in Beirut, our District Governor was able to talk directly to key figures in Rotary clubs there on the ground, and ascertain what was required (hospitals were in dire immediate need of rebuilding). Rotary clubs rallied round and clubs in our District 1200 organised fundraising events, sending the proceeds direct to the Rotary bank account there. No delays, no admin costs or expenses to cover - funding in its purest and most direct manner, delivered straight to the heart of the crisis. This is typical of Rotary in Action.

      Halcon Project: Caring for Others - developing skills, knowledge and confidence. 

      Part of the Halcon area in Taunton is regarded as the 5th most deprived area in the UK, and there is a need to prepare residents for work and break the cycle of benefit dependency - these social issues exist throughout the UK.

      Rotary has been instrumental in assisting the Taunton East Development Trust in Halcon over the last three years through provision of the board of trustees, alongside volunteers, and using Rotarians' skill mix including strategy, risk management, finance, legal and project management to address specific needs of residents, be they legal, financial or around disability. In addition there has been provision of daily volunteers to manage enquiries at the Link Centre, and signpost people appropriately. Sustainability of the project is vital: Rotary's three year financial commitment and negotiations with key financial stakeholders help to underpin the charity’s future. 
      For more information visit: https://tauntoneastdt.org.uk/

      Colin Barrell

      Caring for our World - Paws for Thought

      Sharing the benefits and potential pitfalls of Weston Rotary's fundraising event for an animal charity.

      Weston Rotary organise an annual dog show as a fundraiser for Rotary charities. They have successfully partnered with sponsors, Drive Vauxhall, Joyce Oliver Wealth Management and Travelbillity, to build this into what has quickly become a popular annual event in the town's calendar! Norma Johnston and Stewart Evans share their learning to help others, covering:
      1. Why Rotary WSM decided to create this event and where we are three years on;2. What happens on the day - high points, pitfalls and patient dogs 3. Top tips for running such an event and how much money you might raise.
      You'll leave this session brimming with advice and ideas, and possibly with the song, 'Who let the dogs out?' running through your mind...

      Rotary Technology Tournament - Derek Phoenix, Crewkerne Rotary Club


      Derek, of Crewkerne Rotary Club, will explain what the tournament is, how to go about running one and most importantly, the benefits to local schools.

      The Technology Tournament has been in existence for more than 30 years, but only in recent years has it been a fully-fledged Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland project. 

      Prior to joining Crewkerne, Derek Phoenix was a member of York Vikings and they and 2 other Rotary clubs had been running technology tournaments for many years. Upon moving to Crewkerne in 2007 he found that no-one had heard about the tournament, and so he introduced the project, with Crewkerne running its first tournament in 2009 with 12 teams from 4 schools.This became an annual event increasing in popularity: last November there were 24 teams from 6 schools. Proving that the format is replicable, the popular event is now also delivered by Minehead, Taunton Vale, Dorchester Poundbury and Weymouth clubs, with 2 more in the pipeline, and Bristol clubs in the neighbouring district are now holding them.

      Hidden Needs trust

      Caring for our World - The Hidden Needs Trust

      The Hidden Needs Trust creates awareness and raises funds for children and young people with Special Educational Needs [SEN] in Somerset and Dorset, their families,parents and carers, and the specialist educational groups that support them.

      Rachel Goodfellow, the founder of the trust, takes on annual physical challenges, organises a truly inclusive annual charity concert at The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil and numerous other fun events throughout the year. She works with SEN students in schools and colleges, families in housing association homes, and runs a radio show. In the latter she interviews small local charities, seeing first hand what they do, who benefits, and what further support they require. From this she sets up networking events such as free lunches for the charities and those that they support.
      Before January 2020, HNT worked under the Somerset Community Foundation [SCF], 10% of all monies raised going to SCF. However, as from this year, HNT is a charity in its own right...charity number 1187246
      ALL funds raised go into the HNT pot and will be given out at the end of each financial year to those who apply for specific projects. [Specialist Schools or Units, Hubs, Opportunity Groups, Individuals, Families, Carers with associations with SEN children and young people].

      • inner wheel

        District 1200 Ugandan Water Project

        Help save lives by supporting us in our quest to install and refurbish water wells in Uganda. Key objectives are supply access to water and sanitation for all by sustainable utilisation and management of drinking water at community and household level.
        A Rotary Club of Yeovale initiative.

      Water Survival Box charity was established in 2006 and all bar one of the trustees are Rotarians. Our objective is to provide our boxes to victims of disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and monsoons where they may have lost everything.
      The box contains essential items to enable a family of 5 to re-establish themselves in the aftermath of a disaster when they need to start rebuilding their lives. However the main element of the box is a Grifaid Water Filter and pump which will provide up to 100000 litres of safe drinking water which is essential when water systems are damaged or non-existent. The boxes are provided at no cost to the recipients or agencies involved in delivery.
      Since 2006 we have distributed over 17000 of our boxes to 64 disasters in 32 countries., working with other NGOs who do the distribution work for us. These include UNICEF, UNHCR, Red Cross, Save the Children, WHO and several others.
      Our operation is entirely voluntary and we turn over about £150,000 per annum. Since 2018 we have formed partnerships in Switzerland and Denmark where Rotarians have established fundraising and awareness charities and who support us by providing cash when a major disaster occurs.


      When disaster strikes, safe water is essential to protect against water-borne disease. Rotary’s Water Survival Box provides a safe and effective way of giving a family up to 100000 litres of safe water. The Box also contains a range of essential survival items including cooking pots, bowls/plates, mugs, and utensils; health and hygiene items; basic shelter and simple tools; etc. This local charity has sent out over 15000 boxes since 2006 covering 62 disasters in 31 countries.


      How can you help?

      Make a donation to Water Survival Box Ltd at:Water Survival Box Ltd Broadway House Third Avenue Westfield Industrial Estate Midsomer Norton Somerset BA3 4XDTel: +44 (0) 1761-409115

      or by Bank Transfer to: CAF Bank, West Malling
      Bank Code: 40-52-40 Account: Water Survival Box Ltd 
      A/C No: 00020591
      IBAN: GB16CAFB40524000020591 SWIFT: CAFBGB21XXX


      The standard water survival box is designed for a family of five who have lost their homes and all their possessions following natural or man-made disaster.
      1st priority is the water purification kit – to protect against water-borne disease.

      ● Boxes are packed with a set of new contents.● All boxes are identical. This speeds up the customs inspection process.● Water Survival Boxes are consigned to the local Rotary Club, local Red Cross Society, or handled by locally based representatives of international aid agencies.● We aim to get the boxes to survivors of disaster as soon as possible after the event to protect against water-borne disease.

      Where in the world have we helped?

      AnguillaArgentinaBangladeshBritish Virgin Islands Burkina FasoChadChileColombiaComoros (Indian Ocean) EcuadorGuatemalaHaitiIndiaIndonesiaJapanKashmir

      Myanmar (Burma) Nepal
      Sri Lanka
      Sint Maareten / St Martin Syria

      Environment backyard garden

      Globally, Rotary has added a new key area of focus - the environment. In fact, our own District conference theme, Caring for our World, was created before we knew that this was to happen!
      Take a peek at how one of our overseas clubs has recently translated this theme into action.

      Covid-19 vaccination clinics

      Across the nation, Rotarians have stepped up to help at the vaccination clinics. 
      Click here to see some snippets of them volunteering - in all weathers - to support the NHS staff.
      And read below how Brue Valley Rotarians have described the work:
       "This week has seen many elderly and vulnerable people most at risk from COVID receiving their vaccinations at Wincanton Community Hospital. Their patience, good humour, resilience and relief that the end is possibly in sight was self-evident. In a quiet and understated way Brue Valley Rotarians have helped with marshalling, car parking, providing directions, sanitising (people and wheelchairs) and generally helping to ensure the process is as easy as possible for those attending. Sanitiser, face masks, gel and more serious PPE are available in abundance as are crisps, biscuits, coffee etc provided by Morrisons.
      Saturday’s vaccine was the Pfizer one; today’s saw the Oxford – AstraZeneca featuring. The latter is a much quicker process as patients aren’t subject to the 15-minute observation required by the Pfizer one.
      To be sure it’s tedious work and the shifts are long; somehow though it all seems worthwhile when Mr Joe Public says, “Thanks for doing this, you're doing a good job”. Shiver!

      Sherborne Classic Car Show

      Many individual Rotary clubs create some innovative and fun events as part of their fundraising.
      Classic car petrolheads - feast your eyes on Sherborne's classic car show!


      'Aquabox is a true Rotary charity and community project set up in Derbyshire in 1992 by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth (District 1220). Its main aim is to provide a means to produce safe drinking water and humanitarian aid to disaster areas of the world. 
      The charity is volunteer-led, with 70 + local people giving freely of their time to enable Aquabox to continue its life-saving work. It has only one paid employee and relies entirely on donations. Since its formation, Aquabox has sent over 110 000 aid boxes out across all continents and we estimate that over the past 8 years alone we have provided the means to produce in excess of 1.3 billion litres of safe drinking water, That's enough for every person in Africa.'

      Busoga Trust

      Individual Rotary clubs and the District as a whole often fundraise for worthy causes. Take a look at the automated powerpoint presentation outlining the vital work of the Busoga Trust in Uganda.

      Shelter Box

      Together we can help to saves lives and provide homes and hope after a disaster.

      Our Vision

      A world where no family is without shelter after disaster.

      Our Mission

      Our purpose is to provide emergency shelter to families who have lost their homes to disaster,enabling them to rebuild their lives. We work with our global network to support communities around the world to rebuild and recover from some of the worst days of their lives. Over the past 20 years we have supported over 1.7 million people to help with recovery after disaster.

      Project Partners

      ShelterBox began in 2000 as one Rotary Club’s millennium project. With the support of Rotary members and clubs around the world, ShelterBox grew to become an internationally recognised, independent disaster relief organisation. Since 2012, ShelterBox and Rotary have been official Project Partners in disaster relief. By working together, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter after disaster.

      Shree Saraswoti School in Nepal

      Take a look at a key project in Nepal, in which the incoming District Governor, Michael Fernando, has been involved.

      Rotary Peace Fellows

      You could have the opportunity to study overseas and make a real difference to your own life and that of others. Rotary Peace Fellows are working in diverse peace and development careers globally. They work to address the root causes of conflict and contribute to Rotary’s areas of focus. Learn more including how YOU can apply...

      Rotarians caring for others in our world

      Michael Fernando, our incoming District Governor for 2021/2, is a consultant paediatrician who has played a key role in this international project.

      • Training WomanCreated with Sketch.

        Train the Trainers programme to teach people how to resuscitate babies when they are born

      • Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, with support from global partners such as Save the Children.

      Low cost | Simple | Easy to Teach | Easy to Learn | Lifesaving


        82 people potential trainers trained in one week in Karachi and Sukkur
        20 Training Kits purchased and looked after by Rotary Club of Karachi
        Rotary Club of Karachi help with logistics of locally based courses
        Over 1,000 people trained by trainers we have trained.