House of Friendship

      This is where the Rotary world comes together and where ideas, best practices, and project successes are proudly shared, and where organisations can showcase and highlight the work of their organisation in the hope that Rotary clubs might support them in the future. Please do browse their websites and see the wonderful scope of the work of these charities and organisations.


      VITAL has a mission to eradicate the injustice of child poverty in Kolkata through five projects mainly focusing on education, healthcare and child protection initiatives and programmes. The projects all work with some of the most marginalised children and individuals across Kolkata, with many of the children being street/slum children, former victims of trafficking or abuse, child labourers and/or children living in Kolkata’s red light district areas  


      Hands of Compassion brings hope …….
      Hands of Compassion works in partnership with the Anglican Church in Zambia, to ensure disadvantaged and vulnerable children can be educated by providing financial developmental grants to schools in Zambia.
      Started in year 2000, our their project was to build a primary school in a shanty compound. Over the years, the school has helped many thousands of children, now providing education to 650 children each day.
      Through education, the children will develop skills that will benefit and empower them to move on in their lives.  Registered charity no. 1124423


      Stand Against Violence

      Stand Against Violence aims to prevent violence, its long-term consequences and the grief of losing loved ones by delivering violence prevention and resilience programmes to young people. The charity was established in 2005 by Adam Fouracre in response to the murder of his brother, 17-year-old Lloyd Fouracre, who was beaten to death in Taunton, Somerset, one day before his 18th birthday. Stand Against Violence works with those most at risk of being a victim or perpetrator of violence, to help them make the right choices, stay clear of potentially violent situations and affect their future in a positive way, ultimately reducing violence in our communities.

      Stand against violence

      Inner Wheel

      It's traditional for the current Inner Wheel Chairman to give a short address to the Rotary district conference, and whilst we may be doing things a little differently this year, we're still delighted to invite Maureen Nethaway, of District 20 to talk to us.

      • inner wheel

        Inner Wheel

        Inner Wheel is an all-female organisation and has three objectives:
        To promote true friendship - To encourage the ideals of personal service - To foster international understanding.

      bibic is national charity, based in Somerset, supporting not only those with brain injuries but a wide range of disabilities, developmental conditions and learning difficulties. bibic passionately believes that every child deserves to reach their full potential and live a fulfilling life.
      We deliver assessments and bespoke developmental therapy to children and young people age 6 months to 25 years old and training to parents and professionals. We see children and young people with or without a diagnosis and support a wide range of neurological and genetic conditions. Including conditions such as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, Cerebral palsy, Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Down’s syndrome, Sensory processing difficulties and many more.
      Holistic approach
      We treat every child as the unique individual they are and follow a similar style for each assessment with variations depending on the difficulties the child is experiencing. It is this holistic and integrated approach that makes bibic’s individualised therapy so effective.
      Assessments are delivered by a bibic developmental therapist to identify strengths, weaknesses and difficulties. In response to these outcomes, a bespoke programme of support is designed to address the underlying causes of those difficulties. Our approach empowers the child, parents, carers and teachers with therapeutic interventions and strategies, helping the child to overcome challenges so that life at home and school is more fun and rewarding.


      At bibic we also offer training and seminars to parents and professionals throughout the UK.
      To learn more about bibic please go to

      Sangha House

      Sangha House

      The Sangha House Taunton, premier, award-winning centre for mindfulness-based holistic health and wellbeing. At its heart, the Sangha House is based on the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Pulling together a number of mindfulness-based practices and holistic health approaches, they wish to bring a single place to Taunton where people can develop a deeper connection with their own bodies, with their friends, families and colleagues and with the world in general. With its 50 practitioners, they cover the physical, the mental, the social and the spiritual side of health and well-being.

      Sangha House
      • Somerset Wildlife Trust

        With the help of volunteers and the support of over 20,000 members, The Somerset Wildlife Trust look after some of Somerset's most iconic landscapes and special wildlife. We restore, strengthen and connect habitats and green spaces on a landscape scale so nature can recover and thrive in the future. We inspire people and communities to put nature into their everyday life and stand up for the natural environment upon which we all depend.


      Practically Balanced

      Feel Great - Achieve More (especially important during and post-pandemic!)
      One of the modern-day challenges, facing individuals and organisations alike, is how to be successful without compromising wellbeing.
      Whilst what constitutes a successful life is unique and diverse, there is one thing that is increasingly common - the desire for fulfilment can, all too easily, come at the cost of a healthy lifestyle.
      Yet, a healthy body and mind is the foundation for enabling our choices – whatever our chosen life or business shape.
      The goal of Practically Balanced is to help you strike a balance between the two.   
      Individual tuition, group events, workplace workshops and programmes provide practical strategies that can be implemented into daily life - providing support in feeling great and achieving more..


      When individuals form the collective that makes up an organisation, this can result in a productive, happy and healthy workforce – a place people want to work and which will deliver better results for the business.

      If you are an individual wanting to take a positive and proactive approach to feeling great and achieving more, or an organisation wanting to support your workforce in feeling and being their best, please get in touch.

      The Purple Community Fund are passionate about working with families and helping their beneficiaries to help themselves out of poverty. They believe in supporting the community with their holistic programmes.
      Their work is in the Philippines working with the poorest of the poor, families living and working in slums. Together with the community they fund and run their livelihood, education, health and nutrition programmes.